Eleştirel iletişim kuramlarını ve hizmet ettiği toplumsal yapılanmayı ortaya koymayı hedefleyen bu ders İLF 121 dersinin devamı niteliğindedir. 

Companies face crises all the time – product recalls, computer hacking, unpelasent products, a company leader making a poor personal decision, workplace viloence, scandals, bribery, plant closings, unstable economic conditions, etc. The field of Crisis Management (CM) deals mainly with man-made or human-caused crises rather than natural disasters. Unlike natural disasters human-caused crises do not need to happen. So, that’s why, the public is extremely critical of those organizations that are responsible for their occurrence. The objective of this course is to understand why crises occur in the first place, and what can be done to manage them better before, during and after their occurance. We begin by discussing the sources of potential crises and how to identify them. Then, we will go on by discussing how to create a systematic plans for crises avoidance and how to keep the plan Up-to-Date. At last, we will learn how to recover the crises and mark the end of them by discussing the real-life crises.
İLF121 İletişim 1 dersi, anaakım iletişim kuramlarını ve temel kavramlarını öğrenmeyi; medya ve toplum ilişkisi sosyo-kültürel bağlamda ve temel bileşenleri özelinde (teknoloji, izleyici, endüstri, içerik gibi) ele alarak tartışabilmeyi ve bunları medyadaki aktüel gelişmelerle ilişkilendirmeyi içerir.